Our expert teams include transport planners, highway planners, civil and structural engineers including bridge and underground engineers and landscape architects. During the planning and design process, they work closely with our environmental and social consideration experts to make sure the projects harmonize with local needs.

The range of our services spans the conventional to the most advanced technologies. Our services can be provided as a package to correspond to the multiple tasks required of project implementation.

All these attributes allow OC Global to deliver the highest levels of quality and safety covering all types and scales of projects. We aim to be the consultant of choice, providing safe, sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Consulting Services

  • Highways / Expressways / Urban and Rural Roads / Operation and Maintenance Support.
  • Bridge Construction / Rehabilitation / Maintenance Support.
  • Development of Tunnels / Underground / Undersea /Underpass Structures.


Sector Projects

A 5-km sea bridge and access roads link the newly developed Lach Huyen deep sea port to the Vietnam mainland

Roads, Bridges
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