Railways and Mass Transit

Metro Manila Subway Project, Phase I (Valenzuela to Paranaque) General

The project is to respond the increasing transport demand by expanding the commuter area of the mega-manila area by improving the subway connecting Quezon City in the northern capital area of Manila and Paranaña City in the south thereby alleviating serious traffic congestion in the Metro Manila Area, Contributing to air pollution and climate change mitigation.

Metro Manila Subway Project, Phase I  (Valenzuela to Paranaque) General

The objective of the works include;

1) Civil engineering / construction work (main line including stations (about 25 km) and vehicle base, training center) (international competitive bidding)
2) Railway system · Orbit construction (international competitive bidding)
3) Vehicle procurement (international competitive bidding)
4) Consulting service (detailed design survey review, bidding assistance, construction supervision
5) Improve project management office capacity, strengthen operation and maintenance capacity, public transport-oriented development implementation, etc.)

Project Outline

Subcontract scope of works
Design review, assistance in tendering, construction supervision, environmental monitoring, coordination, and support

Metro Manila, Philippines

Official Title
Metro Manila Subway Project (MMSP)

Project Type
Railways and Mass Transit


Services Provided

Project Period
2019 – 2028

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